Zoila Frausto versus Megumi Fujii Results

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Well I'm stunned.
Zoila Frausto (10-1) defeated the (really) heavy favorited Megumi Fujii (now 22-1) end nighttime at Bellator 34 to win the initiative Bellator women's globe title.
So what was going on amongst Megumi?
The "Queen of Submissions" (18 wins past times submission) hardly fifty-fifty tried to teach "The Warrior Princess" downwards on the mat.
And when she did , she took a beating from punches.

You accept to mitt it to Zoila , too then far this twelvemonth she has beaten the undefeated Megumi , Jessica Aguilar , Jessica Pene too Rosi Sexton.
And forthwith she is the the kickoff always Bellator 115-pound champion.

The struggle was scored 48-47 , 49-46 , 47-48.

And I am never going to predict a struggle again.

Zoila Frausto versus Megumi Fujii Results , posted to http://femalemixedmartialartists.blogspot.com/ on Oct 29th , 2010