Malaysian MMA Fighter Rocks DARE FC 2

It's ever exciting when a globe degree striker decides to brand the transition to MMA in addition to the alone interrogation is whether they volition live sufficiently good rounded to hold out inward a dissimilar bailiwick of fighting. Adam Kayoom has been thriving at multiple martial arts for over a decade , he is a Taekwondo national champion , a 2 fourth dimension Muay Thai globe champion in addition to a Muay Central Khmer champion.

With such a various attain of titles inward stand upward up fighting yous mightiness await Kayoom to live much to a greater extent than comfortable fighting on his feet but he has a BJJ pedigree which is every bit impressive amongst a dark belt as good as aureate medals from major national tournaments inward both Commonwealth of Australia in addition to Brazil. There's no betoken trying to receive got the Malaysian exterior of his comfort zone because he is comfortable everywhere as Seok Mo Kim discovered to his terms at DARE Championship inward Bangkok this weekend.

The Korean gave a skillful concern human relationship of himself against Gregor Gracie at One Fighting Championship 1 , losing a determination but frustrating the Brazilian who was unable to submit him despite repeated attempts. He was looking to acquire dorsum on the winning rail against Kayoom who despite having also many titles , medals in addition to trophies to listing was alone 1-1 inward MMA going into this fight.

Kayoom is a BJJ instructor at the Q23 Academy in addition to the founder of American Top Team (Thailand) in addition to the sold out crowd inward his adopted habitation of Bangkok included many of his students. He pose on a functioning which volition non alone receive got sent them all habitation happy but volition receive got welterweights all over the portion looking nervously over their shoulders.

Gracie couldn't submit Seok inward fifteen minutes but it took Kayoom less than v to sink inward a create out finishing bring upward naked choke. It was a perfect demonstration of what a fighter who brings both Earth fighting powerfulness in addition to stand upward up skills into the cage tin create as the Kuala Lumpur born S paw dropped his opponent amongst a conduct left manus which landed amongst Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation similar accuracy earlier finishing him amongst the submission.

He is extremely good known inward Thailand in addition to was ranked inward the laissez passer on 10 at Ratchadamnern Stadium , something which really few foreigners inward the globe of Muay Thaihave ever achieved. He also has a large next inward his native Malaysia in addition to is a familiar human face upward inward martial arts circles inward Commonwealth of Australia having spent much of his adult life there.

However Kayoom , who started learning martial arts because he had attending deficit disorder as a nipper , has nevertheless to actually brand his score on the MMA world. That is an number he is looking to urgently address in addition to he hopes the win over Soek volition live the initiatory off of many inward the coming months ,

"I'm going to live fighting to a greater extent than MMA similar a shot , I actually desire to stand upward for Malaysia inward One Fighting Championship , that's my dream. It agency a lot that Victor Cui was hither to scout me create out , I know he has a really busy schedule in addition to thus honour to him for coming to back upward the fighters at this event. The kid's tough , I saw him create out Gregor Gracie in addition to he couldnt complete him but today was my 24-hour interval because I got to bang in addition to I got to submit him ," he said.

Kayoom had to hold out an early on scare ater appearing to acquire caught amongst a knee articulation in addition to he thinks former Muay Thai habits were to blame for him allowing Seok to pocket a flake of his momentum at the outset of the create out ,

"I got him amongst an elbow early on inward the create out in addition to I idea 'I am gonna punish this guy' but instead my former Muay Thai habit kicked inward in addition to I relaxed. I'm never going to create that again. I receive got an former preparation injury , yous can't come upward out of a difficult preparation army camp spotless in addition to laid upward to create out , injuries travel on inward preparation all the fourth dimension in addition to he ended upward finding that injury in addition to thus congratulations on him for that. I had to recuperate in addition to recover but I got dorsum upward in addition to flake through the hurting in addition to hitting him amongst the conduct left ," he said

At the historic catamenia of 33 Kayoom has left it belatedly to score on the MMA globe but having studied in addition to mastered in addition to thus many dissimilar martial arts he has effectively been preparing for this 2nd for the final 2 decades. One Fighting Championship are keeping their cards simply about their breast in addition to receive got non announced whatever additions to their roster since the successful opening present but amongst a Kuala Lumpur bill of fare rumoured to live inward the plant this Malaysian fighter must live a potent candidate for a contract.

There has never been an MMA advertisement amongst a genuinely pan Asian appeal but One Fighting Championship has given an incentive to fighters all over the continent to assay in addition to compete at the highest flat of the sport. Kayoom's latest win was inward forepart of a few hundred fans for DARE Championship , a advertisement which is fast making a get upward for itself inward Thailand , in addition to his side past times side could live inward forepart of nigh 10 yard if One FC CEO / Owner Victor Cui does create upward one's hear to sign him.

He volition postulate to function out which weight degree he is most comfortable inward as he looked considerably smaller that Seok inward this 75 kg catchweight fight. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 drib downwardly to lightweight mightiness live inward social club but Kayoom has to a greater extent than than plenty powerfulness to brand upward for anything he mightiness give away inward size in addition to thus at that spot is no argue why he shouldn't rest inward the welterweight division.

Stand upward fighters are oft frustrated inward MMA past times opponents who create everything they tin to avoid getting dragged into a striking exchange. With a dark belt inward BJJ that shouldn't live a concern for Kayoom in addition to Malaysia's laissez passer on pound for pound fighter has the mixed martial arts globe really much at his feet.

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