Ultimate Fight Night 5 : MMA Unleashed results

Fight One:

The foremost manage was changed at the final infinitesimal due to a belatedly withdrawal , this led to Zech ‘The Boxing Computer’ beingness a ladt infinitesimal stand upwards inward to manage immature Z.U.E.S. Just 16 years old.

In his final outing at Fight Night 4 Zech had fought a cruel depict alongside a Melaka based Iranian nicknamed ‘The Vampyre’ it was a real interesting fight.

Z.U.E.S. was concerned equally Zech was his friend , his trainer together with his squad mate together with he did non desire to manage him.

Well , in 1 lawsuit the manage started all those thoughts disappeared equally this 2 guys set on quite a display of powerful kicks , punches together with Blue Planet work. xv minutes over iii rounds together with both were bloodied together with bruised. Once the scores were handed inward the referee announced a depict to the appreciative crowd. Usually a depict is an unsatisfactory cease , precisely nobody could doubtfulness that these guys had fought themselves to a standstill together with they deserved equal honours.

Fight Two:

Was a Muay Thai event:

With:- Yus “Razor” VS Halstein “The Hellsing”

This was iii , iii infinitesimal rounds together with it started off fairly evenly , Yuz came into the telephone alongside an talocrural articulation injury from playing football game before inward the solar daytime , initially he had pulled out of the manage precisely so he decided accept part.

Yuz is the perfect Muay Thai model , he is sleek together with ripped , precisely against Hallstein who appeared bigger precisely less toned , he was unable to brand much headway.

Yuz started good together with they both traded kicks together with punches precisely midway through the foremost circular it was plainly to come across that Yuz was non equally mobile equally he would require to hold upwards to maintain away from the ability that Hallstein had brought to the fight.

Over the foremost circular Hallstein proved the to a greater extent than powerful , his punching had much to a greater extent than termination together with eventually he floored Yuz alongside a barrage of punches to the caput together with torso , Yuz was upwards quickly.

In circular 2 Hallstein continued to advance together with in 1 lawsuit again his ability told together with Yuz was floored , this fourth dimension he was given a standing viii count.

In circular iii Hallstein had to conditions an early on barrage equally Yuz allow unloose alongside to a greater extent than or less genuinely powerful kicks , precisely , in 1 lawsuit Hallstein landed a few powerful barrages of punches the manage turned in 1 lawsuit again , during that circular he floored Yuz twice to a greater extent than for 2 to a greater extent than standing viii counts.

The judges gave a unanimous determination to Hallstein.

Fight 3:

From Kuala Lumpur nosotros had FS. Cheng fighting a local man child inward his foremost manage Speedy Meng Yan.

FS Cheng is a pocket-sized wiry guy alongside a reputation that is means beyond his physical size together with Speedy was inward for a existent test.

This manage started inward a blur equally FS Cheng came out swinging together with presently he had speedy downward together with inward an Arm inward Guillotine , in that place was much give-and-take equally to conditions or non Speedy tapped precisely regardless eventually he broke costless together with for a few precious seconds he was inward overstep seat together with raining downward blows precisely FS Cheng is a talented fighter together with presently had reversed the seat together with almost unseen sunk inward a strangle concur together with this fourth dimension Speedy did tap together with it was all over.

F.S. Cheng had brought it together with is 1 to scout for the future.

This brought us to:-


Sam (the ‘real deal’) Chan Vs JJ (the ‘White plague”) Meyer

Both these boys were from Kuala Lumpur together with nosotros are thankful that they made the almost 4 hr journeying downward to view us.

This was a iii , v infinitesimal circular fight.

The foremost circular started off good alongside enough of to together with fro , in that place was much science shown together with lots of powerful punching together with kicking , summation lots of operate against the cage , nearly one-half means through the circular it went to the Blue Planet together with Sam ended upwards on overstep together with no affair what he did JJ could non milk shiver him off together with of course of didactics Sam used the seat to lay punches into JJ’s face.

Round Two followed the blueprint of the foremost precisely this fourth dimension JJ had the overstep seat together with he controlled Sam , taking his plough to give dorsum to a greater extent than or less Blue Planet together with pound. There were a few arm bar attempts together with at the cease of the circular both were trying talocrural articulation locks precisely the bell stopped the round.

Round Three in 1 lawsuit again followed the same blueprint equally the foremost except Sam took JJ downward before together with had to a greater extent than chance to Blue Planet together with pound JJ. The residual of the circular was spent on the flooring , Sam’s torso controlling JJ’s alongside relative ease equally both fighters tired.

When the bell rang both fighters stood upwards together with embraced , they were classy guys from offset to end. Going inward to circular iii it was fifty-fifty together with thus it was clear that Sam had won circular iii together with thus the fight.

P/S: This lawsuit has been alive streaming!!!