Manhunt launched for UFC brawler In Phuket

PHUKET: -- American Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter Junie Browning is the dependent area of an island-wide manhunt next 2 brawls inwards Phuket on Dominicus as well as his subsequent escape from Patong Hospital.

The manhunt was launched next local media reports that an unnamed American human being had been involved inwards a brawl at a bar inwards Karon.

The human being as well as thus continued fighting amongst several foes at Patong Hospital , where all the people involved inwards the fracas had been sent for treatment. He later on escaped the facility as well as has non been seen since.

The identity of the human being has at nowadays been confirmed equally Junie Allen Browning , a 27-year-old originally from Lexington inwards the USA terra firma of Kentucky.

Tianchai Duangsuwan of the Chalong Police told the Gazette this forenoon , “We accept searched everywhere , but nosotros all the same haven’t found him. I accept heard that he was at ane boxing stadium inwards Chalong , but nosotros couldn't detect him there.”

The search has at nowadays been expanded exterior of Chalong Police District , which covers the due south of the island. Mr Browning’s Facebook page lists his electrical flow house of residence equally Thalang , the district that covers the north.

Lt Tianchai confirmed that Immigration Police accept been contacted as well as are closely monitoring Immigration checkpoints at both Phuket International Airport as well as the terra firma checkpoint at Tah Chat Chai.

An MMA insider on the isle told the Gazette that Mr Browning had an anger management work that worsened considerably when he drank alcohol.

“This does non daze me at all. I was simply waiting for him to screw upwards as well as operate caught. It’s actually also bad. When sober he tin give the axe move a actually overnice guy , as well as he is a really talented fighter when he applies himself ,” said the source.

Browning , who ane time appeared inwards the reality TV serial The Ultimate Fighter , is known to accept been inwards grooming at a long-established Muay Thai campsite inwards Chalong. However , he has non appeared at the campsite inwards months , a source in that place confirmed.

According to a study on the MMA Weekly website , Browning posted an update on his Facebook page after the alleged brawl.

“Wow what a helluva weekend ,” wrote Browning “Some [expletive] named Sie Menzies as well as nigh 10 of his friends started a struggle amongst me. I gauge simply to exam a ‘UFC fighter guy’ at this [expletive] piddling bar inwards Karon , Thailand. Had a beer bottle as well as drinking glass mug shattered on my caput , as well as thus to brand everything ameliorate , stabbed severely past times simply about crazy Thai [expletive].

“On a positive banker's complaint , I managed to interruption a few orbital bones , at to the lowest degree a twosome jaws , as well as (left) simply about unconscious bodies laying on the the world earlier I blacked out from loss of blood as well as manifestly had to move resuscitated inwards the ambulance. So , how was your weekend?”

Browning has run afoul of the constabulary earlier , MMA Weekly reported.

In 2009 , he was arrested after taking a handful of pills inwards an alleged suicide endeavor , earlier assaulting several nurses at a local Las Vegas hospital.

The brawl inwards Karon also reportedly involved his attacking simply about woman mortal bar staff.

However , Browning adamantly denied this inwards his most recent Facebook posting , which reads:

“Apparently inwards the intelligence they are maxim their were women involved , that is 100% a croc of sh*t! The exclusively women involved was a Thai women friend of theirs that sliced my forearm opened upwards amongst a 6-inch blade. At no betoken was whatever women involved. Even at the infirmary I was nix but polite to every fellow member of their staff. Not until a piddling birdy told me that the mortal that hitting me amongst the mug was inwards the side past times side room did I explode. I straightaway sprinted over in that place as well as knocked him unconscious amongst ane blow. Phuket constabulary enforcement are really corrupt as well as manifestly the guys that jumped me know to a greater extent than people than I do. I accept multiple stitches over my caput as well as trunk , you lot don’t accept to move [expletive] Stephen Hawkins to realize a women did non create this to me.”