Buakaw Is Gone!!!??

Well-known Muay Thai boxer together with quondam K-1 champ Buakaw Por Pramuk has mysteriously disappeared from his preparation army camp together with has non been seen since in conclusion calendar week , his managing director Teerapat

Rojanatan said Friday.

Mr Teerapat said Buakaw , who won in conclusion year's welterweight Thai Fight grand concluding on points against Australia's Franki Giorgi , has been missing , along amongst his novel BMW sedan , since March 1.

He said he was mystified together with he did non know why the pop boxer would bring left the preparation camp.

"Buakaw has never acted similar this earlier , together with every bit for the coin number , I've never left him unpaid. I ever paid him.

"I desire him dorsum quickly. His disappearance volition wound him inward the cease because I've cancelled many of his events ," said the manager.