Submissions from the guard are merely hence damn cool. You're lying at that spot on the bottom inward a seat that looks similar you're losing , in addition to a few seconds afterward , BAMM , your opponent is tapping out in addition to you lot win! But eventually people volition figure out your principal submissions in addition to non allow you lot grab them equally easily anymore. Now you lot piece of work , piece of work , piece of work for those submission , but at ane time your opponent blocks , prevents in addition to thwarts them... All that's happening inward this stalemate is that you're getting tired in addition to frustrated.. The work is that you've gotten locked into a category , important that the solely affair you're thinking nigh is submitting your opponent. When you lot inquire most beginners what types of techniques you lot tin utilisation from the guard they oftentimes respond "submissions" in addition to "sweeps." Well that's truthful , but it's also a rattling incomplete answer. Actually at that spot are FIVE categories of techniques from the bottom of guard. Category 1 - Survival Techniques. The kickoff type of technique you lot take away to larn is how to SURVIVE inward the guard. Let me explicate what I mean... Obviously you lot can't launch whatsoever offensive techniques from the guard seat if person has passed your guard. 'Survival' inward this feel agency stopping your opponent from setting upward in addition to executing the most mutual guard passes. You tin utilisation this past times breaking his posture and/or countering his specific guard passing techniques amongst your ain specific techniques. Secondly - in addition to this is missed past times many sport BJJ practitioners - you lot take away to know how to halt your opponent from hitting you. Even if you lot NEVER intend to compete inward MMA you lot silent take away to possess got basic strike defense. I promise it never happens , but if you lot utilisation halt upward on the bottom inward a self defense strength province of affairs hence you'd meliorate know what to utilisation to halt your human face upward from getting smashed in. (In fact this guard-as-self-defense-position concept is hence of import that I'm going to devote my whole side past times side e-mail to it). Category ii - Strike Striking from the bottom of guard seat isn't a dandy pick , but notwithstanding you lot silent take away to know nigh it. If your opponent is on summit hence apparently he has the wages when it comes to striking - he has gravity on his side after all. But fifty-fifty on the bottom you lot DO possess got approximately striking options , specially from the long arrive at opened upward guard (e.g. bike kicks to the mentum , which possess got won a important release of MMA matches , in addition to likely approximately streetfights too). Another manner to operate strikes inward the guard is to 'persuade' your opponent that passing your guard is a bad idea. If your opponent is trying to move past times amongst both arms nether your legs , for instance , hence he's leaving his human face upward exposed to your fists in addition to elbow. Just hence we're clear , striking from the bottom ISN'T normally a dandy option. But I'm also pretty clearly maxim that you lot shouldn't forget nigh it completely... Category iii - Sweep Knocking your opponent over in addition to getting on summit is a breadstuff in addition to butter options for the bottom guard player. In sport BJJ a successful sweep scores you lot points in addition to gets you lot a piffling closer to winning the match. On the street or inward the telephone it puts you lot inward a seat to nation approximately heavy leather on your opponent from the top. Over fourth dimension you lot volition larn many sweeps in addition to larn the setups in addition to combinations to brand them work. You tin sweep your opponent from the unopen guard , opened upward guard or one-half guard. Category four - Submit So hither nosotros finally acquire to the submission pick (and it's a rattling legitimate strategy). Most BJJ students larn a lot of unlike guard submissions , hence they don't take away to live on reminded of this option. All I'll utilisation hither is to remind you lot to larn in addition to include armbars , bent armlocks , shoulder locks , wristlocks , chokes , kneebars in addition to footlocks when you're attacking from the guard. 5 - Standup If you lot can't submit or sweep or strike your opponent from the bottom hence it's fourth dimension to motion on to the in conclusion option. Stand upward in addition to acquire the heck out of there! There is no dominion maxim that you lot possess got to remain on your dorsum ane time you lot halt upward there! Most of the fourth dimension you lot CAN acquire dorsum to your feet , in addition to this strategy volition grab many opponents past times surprise. Heck , if you lot utilisation acquire dorsum to your feet in addition to don't similar it at that spot , hence you lot tin ever push clit guard again. At to the lowest degree you'll live on mixed things upward in addition to controlling the stride of the agree a piffling bit. Guard standups are easily ane of the most neglected aspects of many people's preparation (especially sport BJJ practitioners). If you lot desire approximately concrete examples of how to stand upward up properly hence banking enterprise check out the links at the bottom of this email. Summary Keep inward take away heed that each of these v options tin assistance laid upward the other options. H5N1 standup possess tin laid upward a submission. Defending against a strike tin laid upward a sweep. Your sweep possess tin utilisation the room you lot take away to acquire dorsum to your feet. The indicate of today's lesson is NOT to minimize the importance of guard submissions. OF COURSE if your opponent gives you lot the chance hence accept the low-hanging fruit in addition to tap him out. But if your submissions aren't working hence retrieve that you lot utilisation possess got other options. Don't acquire fixated solely on ane area; instead examine proceed all FIVE categories of options inward take away heed in addition to operate them inward combination.